Fear Not Syria

Syrian writer Saleem Farah traveled to Beirut in early December for MAI’s Arab Christian writer workshop. He performed this original piece with participants there. We share with you the lyrics, translated into English, and video of the song as a call to prayer for the people and nation of Syria.

Fear not Syria

Syria land and people
The Lord has dearly loved
Under His wings He kept her
With His Truth and His Spirit protected her
He is alive in her, heart and sky

When bad days should befall
And sorrows has burnt within
Her faith in Jesus Lord of all
Will make her hang in
And safety should remain

When wind and storms should strike
In a wide and fearsome life
Syria, you should fear no fear and strife
And peace within you reside
When you live for Christ

Syria is praying to you
Lord and she is calling
Your Spirit would revive faith in her
And bless her ever after
Protected in your hands

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