How to Attract and Nurture the Local Authors You Want

In a country where books that sell well have been written by Westerners, publishers with limited resources understandably hesitate to publish local writers. What can a Christian publisher do to turn the tide without losing its gospel impact on society? Where does a Christian publisher start in finding and publishing local authors, and what does it take to stay financially sustainable for the long-term? Learn from the experience of Church Strengthening Ministry or CSM Publishing, a former denominational publisher that worked toward zero subsidy and now produces both church-based curriculum and non-fiction titles in the Philippines.

Joy C. Solina is currently the vice president for publishing of Church Strengthening Ministry Inc. or CSM after serving as editorial manager from 2001 to 2017. She has overseen the department that provides training for churches on Sunday school and Vacation Bible School since 2007.

Joy’s first major editorial project was the True Love Waits curriculum, written by a team of four college students, three of whom have become authors and one a CEO of another publishing company. Under Joy’s leadership in the Editorial Department, her staff has handled more than 50 local book authors.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from the University of the Philippines. But everything that she learned about publishing has been acquired on the job since she joined CSM in 1987.

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