Master MS Word, Save Hours Editing and Formatting

Authors and editors work every day in word processing programs like Microsoft Word, but they often fail to take advantage of the software’s complete capabilities to edit and format their manuscripts. Learn tips on these features of Word that will save you valuable time:
• Paragraph and Character Styles
• List and Tables
• Footnotes and Endnotes
• Hyperlinks and Cross-References
• Tables of Contents
• Indexes
• Find and Replace
• Word Macros

Mastering Word can mean the difference between days and hours, and hours and minutes — both for editors and for the production professionals who follow them in the publishing process.

Sean Harrison has been active in Christian publishing for over two decades, both as an editor of devotional and Bible-study products, and as a developer and trainer of publishing technology and the product development process. Sean served at Tyndale House Publishers from 1997 to 2015 as an editor of Bible-related content; highlights of his editorial career include serving as the general editor for the NLT Study Bible and the Illustrated Study Bible, NLT, and editing One Year® devotional Bibles and books. In 2015 he founded Book Genesis, Inc., through which he provides consulting, training and product development services to a wide variety of publishers to improve their publishing processes and systems, and simplify complex book production. Sean loves publishing Bible-related content, he loves the technologies of publishing, and he loves helping his colleagues learn to enjoy doing their work better. He also enjoys photography, writing, studying Russian, and playing music with family and friends.

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